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  1. Even with hacks, they can't even beat the world record of 33 solo kills by my boy "dizzy".

  2. You think he is a cheater?

    He just have this really good gaming chair everyone speaks
    git gud

  3. dont think this is a problem on PS4 or other consoles

  4. IMHO all hackers are braindead loosers in life. They don't know how to win, no brain or skills. All hackers are degenerates

  5. It's not just Apex YD. It's just in every shooter game there has to be a hacker somewhere cuz some idiot making hacking tools or some shit and making a video about it and these ppl just loves to use them for some reason and when they win they laugh at you and say you are a noob! and they don't realize that they are cheating.

    Winning using cheating tools is obviously the stupidest thing I ever see in my life.

  6. Man, I felt like cruising in a Ferrari by watching that hacker played

  7. I dont think anyone mentioned the worst problem here… THIS FUCKER HAS 1800+ KILLS!!! He must have been doing this shit for fucking WEEKS. WTF APEX?!?!?!

  8. that's why i stopped playing this game for a while. If its EA, their Anti-cheat software won't do shit. Just like in titanfall. Too many hackers even with the anticheat. They only leave it be, its nuts.

  9. problem as old as online games became a thing, its only going to stop once some hard punishes are allowed on them.

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