EXTREME Difficulty FIND THE BUTTON in Fortnite

Fortnite Battle Royale. Enjoy!
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  1. It was quite obvious where the button was because it would give the edit icon since when you broke the button it opened the door. ( their would be wood/brick/ metal linking it up(

  2. Where does he get these maps is there a site or something?

  3. Vikk if we use the code VIKK in Creative, we will play a minigame like this or we must build it by ourselves?

  4. I’ve not watched bio in so long and now unsubscribed. Fortnite is so boring when it’s all he plays

  5. I hate

    1) poepl hoo can’t spell
    7)poepl hoo can’t count
    4) poepl hoo as 4 like

    Like if U Agree!!

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