FIFA 2019 Graphics Fix + latest squad transfer update 30/11/2018

Today i will share latest squad as 30/11/2018 for FIFA 19 original game and CPY version + graphic fix

1- Download and extract the files

squad as 30/11/2018

squad as 03/12/2018

official squad from EA as 3/12/2018

paste in Documents/FIFA18/setting

graphic fix …


  1. bro in my fifa i dont have 3d grass even on ultra setting its really loking bad like i cant play fifa like that do you have anything that can fix that

  2. I am not able to skip the drills in fifa 19, any solution to the bug?
    i am stuck at the drill and have to force restart the game.

  3. Where can l download the squads? You have only shown us how to update the squads and fix graphics problem….

  4. Hey bro can u help me cause in my game the field is black and it lags and I don't know what to do ??

  5. when i connect controller it doesnt work it makes no input so the game only works with keyboard and mouse. I tried x360ce but same someone help pls

  6. Hi..good job but when i puted to game folder my game not start..any solution???thanks

  7. Freeradical teck Bro, to with a problem that the grass that gets all black, if I use these Graphics Fix will clear the grass ?? Thanks for listening.

  8. im having a problem where my fps is 60 always but in game it feels very slow motion like and laggy while being 60 fps still.

  9. which one should i download? the official squad from EA?

  10. Thank you for sharing!

    I have a problem, when loading the file I have to insist on several things to make it work. And when it works, I create a career and lose everything. Is there a solution?

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