FIFA 2019 Language + Commentary Pack

Today i will show you how to Change FIFA 2019 Language + Commentary Pack

1- install the game

2- Change language inside the game

language pack copy paste in FIFA 19DataWin32


FIFA 19 language pack Arabic
FIFA 19 language pack English
FIFA 19 language pack Brazil
FIFA 19 language pack Italian
FIFA 19 language…


  1. Its not accessible … can someone help me get it???
    do you have it on google drive ?? I want English commentry pack badly

  2. This has to be the worst tutorial in the existent of tutorials ever.

  3. YO, Martin Tyler and Alan smith commentary is fixed, now how do I fix the champions league commentary?

  4. DUDEEE. u made a commentary video and u put music int he background how will we know if it works. wtf is wrong plus nothing is working help me i have 2 language in options russian and english. when i select russian the commentary works but when i select english it doesnt work. plz help cant play fifa without commentary.

  5. It works with fifa 20? can you tell me when it will come out for fifa 20?

  6. Hey, how can I fix the Andy Townsend commentary……. Because i want Tyler and smith commentaries

  7. Man i did everything as you said to do but the game now stuck at match menu please guide me……. 🙏

  8. Bro do we need to install origin in order to activate english commentary …

    I copied files …tried reintalling direct x ….nothing works …

    May be something wrong with the commentary pack(english)…????
    Let us know if we need to install origin too ….?


  9. Are you playing on a laptop or something mate? Cause that's like 20 fps there

  10. Hi bro my fifa 19 cpy, how can i get default commentary its lazy eng commentary i forget the nam towsend what ever how can i get default commentary

  11. Its still doesn't working ! I cant change the language with every language

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