Fight Against Hacker | Ban Cheaters | PUBG MOBILE

Worried about Hackers in PUBG Mobile? Report the cheaters so that we can ensure a fair game! Check out the message from our Dev team about the steps taken to BAN hackers and importance given to it

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  1. tencent stop fooling us for a long time you are fooling around with your nonsense and lies
    Many countries from the Gulf countries use hackers like Saudi Arabia the Emirate is wired because of the push ranking to coqurer for game ratings but most users do not enjoy it and have already deleted the game hackers can invade our privacy Of the phone so that means the game in the buggy is not reliable for users

  2. We got very problem there arabs and Chinese in North America Sever they no more North America player
    Put them BACK

  3. For heaven sake developer do something about pubg pc lite hackers I dont care of u update or not but please I like pubg pc otherwise m gonna quit playing and put it recycle

  4. hello gays hi my account was ban for 10 years becouse my gameloop emulator is very lag but i try smart ga ga in screen showing data has been change you have disconneted and my account was ban 10 years plz help do not use smart gaga

  5. Its a funny video guys i found hacker everyday there are so many hackers in duo leaderboard im still in crown 3 im trying so hard to reach conqueror but hacker killed me in almost every match

  6. We r looking for ur kind attention..
    We the pubgm gamers from Bangladesh are having a ping issue again….we used to play under 120ms ping for a few months and we enjoyed it too…but now maybe pubg changed our server from Indonesia to Vietnam…so now we are having 200/250+ ms in every matches…. there many pubg players are asking for a new server for us(using tags like we_want_bangladeshi_servers in FB)…but if pubg can't help us in that way…then plz put us back to our previous server..and if this is just another issue which can be solved by a maintenance only…then plz fix it soon…if my msg reached to pubg just heart it…hope we will be playing pubgm peacefully again without any problem….💚💚

  7. বাল করো তোমরা!
    এখনো প্রতিদিন একবার হইলেও হ্যাকারের হাতে মরতে হয়
    রিপোর্ট মারলেও বাল হয় না

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