Final Circle The One Simple Trick To Winning PubG Mobile

Final Circle The One Simple Trick To Winning PubG Mobile

I’ve been meaning to make this for quiet a while but somehow just couldnt get round to it. Which is a shame because its probably the part of the game where a little knowledge goes the longest way.

Today we look at the one big thing that i do to manage the circle through the final stages, and how it helps get me get a lot more chicken dinners, and top 10 finishes.

I hope you guys enjoy 🙂

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  1. I really like this video I’m sitting in Asia conquerer right now, but we just come in zone making as much noise as we can, we want to fight… but this is the opposite probably a better of winning more matches when your last guy left

  2. Hey bush I love watching these old vids again and see how much things have changed your even more awesome today

  3. what happened with the ghillie and you happens to me all the time they aim so fast and shot even faster

  4. Hey bushka I got a question should I run along side the circle in first few circles?

  5. Long ass Video compared to other tip vids. but man, this is the video I was looking for.
    thanks for not being a click-bait. a thumbs and a sub for u m8.
    keep it up.

  6. You should swap your graphics to smooth and put it on extreme FPS. the performance boost is insane, and with a decent device, it'll give you the advantage over half the playerbase who are more concerned with the game looking as pretty as possible than getting a 3 or 4 frame drop on your enemy.

  7. Really helpful content, busy trying that strat out now.. I'm liking the fact it gives me a clear plan for going into final circles. Still struggling to spot people before they spot me.. often seem to be settled on a high point near the centre zone, ready to pick me off with ease..🤔

  8. This was actually one of the best tips I've ever heard. With a squad using this surfing technique, and if they are decent players, they gonna run that final circle all day, every day, it'd be raining chicken dinners!

  9. Ah yes i played like this.. but i circling only when the blue zone start to shrink.. tho when i got to ace tier, more enemies seems more aware and cautious for circling player like me.. and its geting harder to get kills by backstabing.. i played 1 vs squad tho.. lol.. but yea still guaranteed top 10..

    Sorry for bad english..

  10. Kia ora, You could watch Powerbang you could watch Mortal, but Buskha breaks absolutely everything down, every single possibility. What ifs, what could happen and for that I'll only ever come to this channel for tips to better my gameplay. Thanks for that, hope that heat is cooling down over there bro.

  11. OK my question to you is if you’re at the end of the game you’re on top of a mountain and there’s a whole squad down there at the house’s. but you have three people up were you are and you flush them out and now you’re trying to get down there but you have no rocks or trees to protect you from bullets how do you get down to the houses?’s

  12. Oh my goodness….that ending was hilarious! Thanks for the info about the final circle. I found this vid to be invaluable!

  13. Sometimes, in squads, you get people that just play the right way, that fits yours, and understands,even without mic, only if we could get them more

  14. I died top 4 cause my mate on duo died so fast and i only have 11 player kills

  15. Thats if i clear the people though. 🙂 Noob here sorry. But thanks great info bushka like!!!

  16. Damnn thanks for the tipss G you learn something new everyday 😀

  17. Great video bro, you give everyone an equal chance at winning and this brings the level of our opponents up to give us more of a challenge. Nice work!

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