Finding TWO HACKERS in Fortnite… Aimbot/Wall Hacks/Auto Revive/More

So… after an entire year of playing the game, I FINALLY ran into a hacker. But not one… TWO of them in one game. 2 for the price of 1 isn’t always a good deal!

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  1. I just randomly thought of this vid and idk why

  2. Sorry Justin, Had to Unsub because of the lack of MC videos I subscribed for. Please Upload more Minecraft Videos D:

  3. Rest in peace, now his fortnite vids are getting as many views as his minecraft vids. The worst part is, I loved both….

  4. dude its a long time ago i watched you i didn't know you did fortnite shit man gj i was watching when you were playing minecraft

  5. “1 Like = 1 Banned Hacker”
    Thats gonna be a lot of banned hackers.

  6. Reupload or something? I feel like I’ve seen this on BliTzzRoyale… 389/10 lol.

  7. I love fortnite and I love minecraft but I subbed to this channel for Justin’s amazing personality and the comedy skills

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