FIRST HACKER In NEW Season!!? – Fortnite Funny and Daily Best Moments Ep. 1395

Showing you footage of players that got killed by a random hacker in new season game! footage is only from spectator perspective once players got killed by a hacker. Fortnite Funny and Daily Best Moments Ep. 1395
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  1. Haha zappertraps are vaulted in chapter 2. Pls fix ur videos bcs some things are vaulted or some poeple AREN'T DUMB!

  2. 5:25 he didn’t even shoot him through the wall, I always do that. All u have to do is shoot and place a wall very quickly

  3. When I started the video a call of duty ad appeared and it was funny because non of the players hit their shots🤣

  4. Please sub to my channel. I just started making vids again and I work hard on them. Please sub and like!

  5. Qui ne connaît pas la technique de tirer pile quand le mir se casse il est tellement de mauvaise fois a 5:17

  6. Have you guys heard about Double Pump in Chapter 2? check my newest video

  7. In the 3rd day of the new season I came across a Hacker. Look on my channel no lie

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