FIX CODE 100 | How To Fix Apex Legends Error Code 100

FIX CODE 100 | How To Fix Apex Legends Error Code 100
Have you gotten the apex legends code 100, and not been able to sign in. “unable to complete EA Account sign in (code 100)” In this video I go over three different solutions to bypassing the code 100 error code.
Apex Legends Error Code 100 has been plaguing players following the latest title update, and according to reports, the error window can appear just about at any time, whether you are fiddling with menus and loadouts, or even in…


  1. I Also have ip address, subnet mask, and default gateway what do I put in those it won't let me proceed?

  2. Thanks! First way didn't work with first try when you did first way you need turn off your ps4 and turn it back on. THANKS🤩👏💙

  3. Man all this did was fuck up my internet. Seriously just delete the game and never play again. EA is a shit company anyway.

  4. Im i the only one that notice there is no recoil when he shooting? seriously? cronus suspect.. what a bot water

  5. I got mine activated when a friend introduced me to this great hacker on IG LULZSECHACKS, the dude did it and it is working perfectly..

  6. If its still not working its probably not the server. its your router so turn off your router for 10 seconds and turn it back on.

    this worked for me

  7. I just purchased a ps4 and i have this problem too
    I have a question that do you need ea access to play apex legends or not ??
    Somebody please help

  8. Hey water my account has been invalid from apex for 3 weeks now what do I do

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