FIX Easy Anti Cheat Cannot Run if Driver Signature Enforcement has been Disabled [SOLVED]

Learn FIX Easy Anti Cheat Cannot Run if Driver Signature Enforcement has been Disabled For Fortnite, Apex Legends, Paladins

bcdedit -set TESTSIGNING OFF



  1. It says 'bcedit' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.

    Pls help

  2. It worked!!! Mannnn i was stuck for hours trying to complete this… your video helped me in 2 seconds

  3. Once u enters all commands and do what he did and restarts ur computer a error occurs that dont allows u tp run ur pc in fast mode and u can only run it in safe mode when u opens safe mode go search bar and type cmd and run it as admnistrator one the command promt opend now type bcdedit and hit enter after this type bcdedit -set (now copy space and copy {current} or it will be be like {default} on ur pc screen and paste it ) space and now type nointegritychecks 1 and hit enter restart ur pc and hope it fixes ur problem

  4. I spent 4 hours trying to fix a problem, and then I stumbled on this video and he helped me soooo much! Thanks

  5. how do i undo what u just did.. everytime i turn on my pc.. i get a error to repair my pc

  6. Every time I try to run it says it worked then I try to open the game agian and it still says its off

  7. hehe when people say Z as zee. Thanks for the help anyway

  8. Thank you for this. Very simple and easy solution that worked for me. Glad you had it in the description for us to copy and paste as well.

  9. idiotic and dumb. The unsigned driver check is turned off so it can detect the unsigned drivers of the new NVME drives. Turning them off would keep pushing your os into repair / testing mode everytime.

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