FIX PUBG in Game Voice Chat Not Working 2018

FIX PUBG in Game Voice Chat Not Working 2018

A really big frustration I had with Player Unknown Battlegrounds was with the in game voice chat, it all of a sudden stopped working. Voice in discord was working, but in game voice chat stopped. If this has happened to you I will show you what I done to fix the problem.

Its important to make sure there is not a fault with your mic / microphone on your gaming headset. If so your OK to start to fix audio in pubg.

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  1. thanks you got it working again the true false was my problem you made it easily explained

  2. My doesn’t works bc they think I’m a kid and I can’t chat even (I’m on phone playing)

  3. But if there is no vivox.dll file and if I delete them and then restore the files it doesn't appear. By the way 2020/03/13

  4. THis still seems to keep happens after 2+ years of release. How fucking incompetent cant this dev studio be?

  5. Guys I've try every goddamn thing but it doesn't work. Just I today update my windows 10 and I now trying and I see it's working. Just update your windows 10. (sory for my english)

  6. i did everything even so doesn't work, someone who has another way of fixing it send me please! from Brazil yooo!!!

  7. all games voice chat are working but PUBG, and i have tryed every solution….. steel not workingggggggggg

  8. Hey I fixed my issue and it didn't have nothing to do with his video but this might help others – If you have a VPN system and your IP it's not your actual location it fucked the game up… I just discovered this since it's was recently when I installed the VPN software. Hope it helps 😉

  9. why PUBG official don’t want to fix this bug or problem
    I have tried many solutions but neither work it only works on other games but not PUBG so I think is a bug
    Who can help me 😖😭😭

  10. Does not work. I swear i tried everything and searched for hours and nothing worked. Yesterday my voice chat was working fine but today it stopped working and i can't seem to fix it :/

  11. its work! thx!… funny its not working from start! my old and new pc didnt work from start. but i play CSGO and other games from steam and my mic work in every game but not PUBG! xD!

  12. Yo. If anyone has an HTC Vive hooked up (I’m assuming the same goes for a Rift) I found the fix the night after I watched this. I can post it in an update if anyone else experienced the problem after hooking theirs up to the computer.

  13. I found the problem…. push to talk was set to true and i changed it but why was it on true?

  14. im trying to use a voice changer and it still dose not work have any fixes

  15. I tried all the troubleshooting but still can't help. Maybe you have other option? Not only that i can't talk but also not able to listen to other player as well.

  16. I play pubg emulator but my headphone are not pluged in but i hear the voice of my friends how to solved it

  17. If none of this works go to Sounds > Recording > Double click on the microphone you're using > Niveau > And unmute

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