*FIXED-How to fix PUBG mobile MIC and LAG problem *FIXED- enable voice 2018

This video shows how to fix lag and the mic problem many PUBG mobile players face

It’s easy to fix lag…but mic is still an issue…. Tancent is trying to address this issue

Hope u enjoy this video
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  1. yo i forgot to comment in this video you told me to check this out so its really dope and if your interested maybe we could collab

  2. Can I ask you a questions ?
    I'm using a e5300 and gt 430, 4gb of ram. It smooth when turn off the mic but laggy when turn on
    Should i upgrade to : e8400 and 6gb ram or q6600 and 4gb ram
    Pls reply

  3. In my phone voice chat is not shown. Tere is no option to enable microphone

  4. My problem is that when i turn on the mic from settings a message saying "grant microphone access to use voice functions" will pop up continuously but the mic still won't work..and also the pop up message makes the game lag..hope you could help me with this

  5. I'm using Bluetooth Earphones and I have issue like
    If I mute mic I can hear audio from my earphones
    If I unmute to talk to players the sound will be coming from Phone audio
    Please help me…

  6. My problem is that when ever I try it says "grant microphone access to use voice functions"

  7. best way to fix mic is press you home button then start from recent list hope it helps

  8. In game, I won't have any sound what so ever unless I turn on voice chat… Anyone else have this problem?

  9. When I turn on mic keep on hearing buzzing sound so it's effecting my gameplay sound so most of times i switch it off! Do you any way to remove buzzing sound?

  10. U call this a fix? This is how it's meant to be turned on, but even if u did, it won't work.

  11. You showed how to enable Mic not fix the problem when it don't work no matter what

  12. What kind of fix is this? You stated the obvious.

  13. I did it the microphone setting but it's not working

  14. Hey, nice video. One thing I want to point out though is that the frame rate must be set at medium to reduce lag. 'high' is preferable, however, I think that it's unavailable for most phones at the moment. The "frame rate" is the frequency at which the video is played at and so it must be set as high as possible for smoother gameplay, although this will increase battery consumption.

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