Flydigi Wasp 2 | Working on Android! | Setup & PubG Test

The Flydigi Wasp 2 game controller now works with Android smartphones after an app update, so I’ve tested and re-reviewed with some PubG Mobile on the OnePlus 7 Pro. Here’s how to connect and setup your Wasp 2 with any compatible Android handset over Bluetooth, and get gaming with a serious advantage over your rivals.

This updated 2019 Flydigi gamepad is one of the best around for PubG thanks to the smart design, which allows a combination of physical and touch controls. The setup process…


  1. Can you map these screen buttons as keyboard keys so I can play games that were naturally designed with keyboard on hand? (playing Geforce Now and Cities Skylines).

  2. my wasp1 its almost 1year im using n its the best I ever used. But last month suddenly middle of gane got DC. The light turned orange. Since the i cant search it with any device. But while updating it will turn blue and connect to the wasp but right after it will get DC again. What do u think is the problem?

  3. It doest work on Samsung note8
    And the new flashplay mood need to be fix! It doesn't work if you pess more than one button at the same time. It only allowed use one button at a time! Need FIX buG!

  4. It does not work with my Oneplus 7 Pro… as soon as i touch the screen and press LT to shoot the character stops moving and both the screen and the controller dont react anymore…

  5. I have the asus rog phone 2 and i cant activate it with this wasp 🙁 plz help

  6. Do you know how to make multiple saved configurations. It's a real pain in the butt to configure the layout every time i switch between emulators and pubg

  7. Im ising one on my note 10 plus but i find sometimes theres no input so i have to reset the phone and use the usb c and allowe debugging again just to play thats a problem i never had with the apex but its worth it i can play at real speed quick movements etc

  8. Hey man… how did you upgrade the wasp 2 firmware what version of flydigi game center did you use? ty

  9. If anyone has problems with these flydigi if you download an old version of the flydigi assistant it will connect with you phone but you can't touch the screen and use the joypad at same time so once it's installed you need to install the latest flydigi game centre then while your still connected to the old app it will then connect to the new app and you will no longer have any issues connecting

  10. You'll be banned using these!! Any kind of third party app can cause your account to be banned for 10 years

  11. I got my flydigi but annoying if you are aiming down site if you are firing you cant control recoil or adjust your aim!! Is this a bug? I have a Samsung s10plus latest firmware and flydigi app.

  12. Just ordered one but concerned the clamp will be resting on my power button!! I will have to use it that end as I play with headphones plugged in and need to be able to charge and play. Anyone know if this is an issue for samsung s10plus or anyway to shut off physical buttons during gameplay?

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