Former Bank Robber REACTS to The Diamond Casino Heist in GTA Online | Experts React

Camden Pace, an ex-bank robber, reacts to The Diamond Casino Heist in GTA Online

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Camden Pace:
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  1. There’s this guy that robbed a bank then went to deposit it at the same bank he just robbed

  2. Me: Can we have Larry Lawton?
    Mother: we have Larry Lawton at home.
    Larry Lawton at home:

  3. it would be nice if you give the experts more context about the game and the circumstances

  4. Does this guy not understand it’s a game? Points out everything like, jumping and standing still while it loads

  5. the reason of why is jumping is bcause It makes you move faster

  6. hello if you wanna see the real strenght carachter of ta V online go to cayo perico heists you will see they just drag them into the bag bag limited space more realistic

  7. Me taking notes planning on robbing a casino👁👄👁 📝

  8. Something realistic would be payday 2 dunno if you made a review on it, not too good on research but hey, give it a shot if you havent

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