FORTNITE – 5 Secret Settings in Fortnite Battle Royale on PS4 & XBOX ONE!

Fortnite Battle Royale – We check out 5 secret settings for console gamers on PS4 and Xbox One. Hopefully these secret Fortnite tips help you get that victory royale in Fortnite Battle Royale on PS4 or Xbox One!


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  1. Nah im good im not dat guy that yous tips i aint gonna listen to these tips if your a player that u use these tips u cheat i like to be pro by NOT use tips

  2. When ur editing i wonder why my edit color is so dark. There is 2 colors right White and blue. I wonder why if some one edits he can see in the white color how do i make mine visible?

  3. I need help… My inventory on the bottom right is invisible and so is my bullet count plz tell me how to fix

  4. I played on combat pro for a year. Then I changed to builder and I’m already better

  5. I can 4 layer on combat pro and can barely build wall ramp on builder pro

  6. 1st Tip:get a win
    2nd tip:don’t lose
    3rd tip: kill everyone
    4th tip:get good
    5th tip:play with sound
    6th tip:turn on aimbot
    7th tip:be better than tfue
    8th tip: only play fortnite on pc PS4 or Xbox
    9th tip: the game u have to play if fortnite
    10th tip: read all of the tips above
    I hope you like MY list

  7. i dont use headphone because i can still hear the foorsteps…

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