Fortnite Battle Royale – All Sky Platform Locations Guide (Season 9 Challenge)

Fortnite Battle Royale – All Sky Platform Locations Guide (Season 9 Challenge)

For one of the Season 9 Week 1 challenges, you have to “Visit all Sky Platforms”. There are 7 Sky Platforms around the map you need to visit. They don’t move around and are pretty easy to see from the sky where they are.

When you land on a Sky Platform, it will come up on the screen saying you have done so via the challenge tracker.

As soon as you visit one of the sky platforms, you can quit out of the game…


  1. All the platforms are hovering over where the season 6 currupted areas frim the cube like if there examining them

  2. Does anyone else see that all the sky platform locations are in the old cube locations

  3. When gattus videos are shorter for the first time…

    Surprised Pikachu face

  4. I have a theory.

    The sky platforms are being powered on the cube fragments and also spy on the fortnite locations such as: polar peak,pleasant park,lazy lagoon,etc.

    This just a theory. Don’t reply saying,”this is fake!”

  5. Hi Harry im your biggest fan and spurs fan is there any chance I can friends you on epic

  6. ive been watching you since like season 6 u have blown up congrats

  7. Anyone else love the fact he gets straight to it instead of plugging is creator code every second?

  8. Mines glitching it says the one next to lazy lagoon I already got but I didn't. : ( like if the same thing happen to you

  9. I use ur support a creator code and I always will since u have helped me sooooooo much thank you so much

  10. Rate season 9 from 1-100
    1-50 meaning you hate it so much
    51-100 meaning you love it so much

    Add me if U want to play with a mobile player @ KB Richard
    Enjoy the season❤️❤️

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