Fortnite: Blackhole Konami Code Easter Egg Gameplay

Ahead of Season 11 you can find a blackhole awaiting you if you sign on to the game. If you enter the Konami code, this mini-game will begin.

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  1. On the switch, if you want to play the game, u have to use the buttons on the left joycon (has to be dual joycons)
    up up down down left right left right (left joycon)
    B A ➕ (right joycon)

  2. I don’t play fortnite it’s but my cousin does and I’m gonna play to work it out but my dad says it’s a sever overload but it is known to be an event?

  3. I got 300,000 points in that game, don't believe me ? Check my last Livestream and put in the end so you don't lose any time of your life

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