Fortnite DIVE CHALLENGES GUIDE! – Swimming Time Trials & Hidden E Location (Fortnite Missions)

Fortnite Dive challenges guide with swimming time trials and hidden E in Chapter 2 of Fortnite Battle Royale! This features tips and tricks for all the challenges also including Hyrdro 16 and how to pull an item. Also the challenge “Search the hidden E found in the Dive! Loading screen” is the last one you need to unlock Sorana. These will also help you unlock other skins in the battle pass!

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  1. The best place to search these two chests is a tower near dirty docks at the top of the tower you will find three chests beside each others

  2. There's a secret variant (green camo) skin/weapon wrap/backbling for Sorana. While using the Sorana skin, jump into a haystack. Not sure if it's just any haystack, or specifically the haystack located at Friendly Farm

  3. Is no one going to comment on how he just killed 6 people at 16 health like it was nothing

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