Fortnite DOCKYARD DEAL CHALLENGES GUIDE! – Flaming Rings, Hidden T, Boat Launch (Fortnite Missions)

Fortnite Dockyard Deal Challenges guide for chapter 2 with flaming rings, the hidden t, boat launch and more in Fortnite Battle Royale! This features tips and tricks for all the challenges also including the locations of Coral Cove and Flopper Pond. Some of the specific challenges we cover are “Jump a Motorboat through different flaming rings” and “Search the hidden T.” These will help you get closer to unlocking skins like Fusion!

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  1. Me is thanking u for this u make me happy i had 900 v bucks in level 99 i got 100 more I bought the battleoass then me become happy

  2. My tip is to go to salty is solo duo or squad knock someone, take them to gas pumps and blow them up. (Explosion gas damage) *100% works

  3. The mission where you have to deal damage to people with gas pumps changed to destroy gas pumps in different matches.

  4. Guys best and easiest way to complete deal damage by exploding gas pump is play squads no fill knock someone out build a 1×1 and place the person in it and explode the gas pump (build the 1×1 with the gas pump inside)

  5. How I beat the gas pump challenge I did on duo. I knocked someone and threw them at the gas pump, I then shot it and exploded him and got the challenge done

  6. I did the gas pump one with a knocked down person, I threw him into it and it counts

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