Fortnite FOOD TRUCKS & REMEDY VS TOXIN CHALLENGES GUIDE! – Overtime Purple Style in Battle Royale!

Fortnite food trucks & Remedy vs Toxin challenges guide! The Overtime Purple Styles and skins are finally out now in Battle Royale and this is how to get them for free! Also including the bus stop locations and tips and tricks for all of the challenges this week! Specifically we cover the “Visit different food trucks” challenge and others. As for the gameplay, it’s some Zone wars so enjoy!

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  1. Remember to subscribe for next week's guide! They just confirmed this is the first of upcoming Overtime challenges and you know I'll be helping you with guides for those! 😀

  2. So this entire mission is bugged. It shows I’ve 100% it on the missions tab but when I press x and go into the actual mission itself it says 90%. C’mon epic

  3. I this guy says is just to go in team rumble. Like if it said to no scope 1 opponent under 10 secs of landing from the battle bus. This guy will say tHiS iS sO eAsY aLl YoU hAvE tO dO iS jUsT gO iN tEaM rUmBlE.

  4. You can also probably get the first elimination in team rumble because it show the eliminations left to get 100 simply get the first on either team and play on

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