Fortnite GRUMPY GREENS & WEEK 4 CHALLENGES GUIDE! TNTina Trial in Battle Royale Season 2

Fortnite Grumpy Greens & Week 4 challenges guide! Featuring new TNTina trial challenges in Battle Royale Season 2 and the mowdown and Risky Reels locations. This also features tips and tricks for all the challenges to help you unlock the shadow and ghost versions for TNTina in chapter 2 season 2. This is a full tutorial for these weekly challenges in the season 2 battle pass this week. As for the gameplay it’s some box pvp so enjoy!

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  1. A challenge won’t work for me. I went to every location and it stills says 2/3 completed ..

  2. please answer when i try to visit them it doesn't work it says my last one is visit risky and i did but it didnt work

  3. An easier way for the boat once if you want to shoot rockets is stay in the drivers seat and fire from the boat to save ammo

  4. For some reason when I try to destroy structures with the propane tanks I got 8 of them done but now it's not working anymore

  5. My brother loves your channel a lot and he really wants to friend you 🙂

  6. Tip: for dealing 200 damage while on the motorboat you can use the gun that is already in the boat when you hop in the driver seat.

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