Fortnite HACKERS Who Got EXPOSED! (Tfue, Ninja, Kiwiz) Streamers & YouTubers who caught players hacking in the act in Fortnite Season 2!

Sources (Go check them out!):

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KIDS CAUGHT Playing Fortnite IN…


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  3. 0:33 Mauriss 7 said "What!? What is this hack? Guys, clip this, live. Seriously chat, clip this, live. It's a f***ing hack. Guys, he shot me through my builds, he shot me through the walls." (Translated from French) No need to thank me.

  4. It’s not people with ninja it’s henchman and yes they do have aim bot

  5. In the thumbnail, you accused someone of hacks and it was someone who was a little overweight, which is fine!

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  7. Nice video and nice edits – 3k views in under an hour is amazing too – even if I get to 10% of that, that would be amazing 🙏

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