Fortnite: How to Enable 2fa & Unlock Boogie Down Emote (Season 9) Ps4,Xbox,PC,Switch,Mobile

How to Enable 2fa Fortnite Ps4, Xbox, Pc, Switch, & Mobile to Unlock Boogie down emote in Season 9.

Enable 2fa:

Contact epic games support :


  1. Why did you put your name as guiding light if you're clearly a guiding shooting star😀🤔👍

  2. This is sooooo hard I have done it soooo many times and never works and I don’t know why

  3. It kept on sending me to the 2fa email part where I needed my epic display name which I forgot and couldn’t solve it

  4. I enabled it for my PS4 acc but on my PS4 it doesnt say its enabled, im trying to gift something to my friend 🤬

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