Fortnite Is CHEATING Console Players! Here's How… (Console Fortnite – PS4 + Xbox)

In this video today we’re gonna be discussing a pretty interesting controversy that’s occurring in Fortnite right now, and it has to do with the new skill based matchmaking system in the game. A few days after update 10.40 was released, players started to discover that regular public match lobbies had actually become cross platform totally out of the blue. And what that means, is that for the first time in Fortnite history, a console player for example, even while just solo-queuing in…


  1. Fortnite is garbage. The sweaty pc nerds ruin the game with their 2 second 10 story forts and then bullshit aimbot kill. They have to add bots to the game because no one wants to play the shit game anymore because they've ruined it. They need to quit listening to the crybaby youtubers and listen to their real fanbase

  2. I'm watching replays and somehow I get shotgunned and it doesn't show the guy Aim at me and I'm behind a wall it doesn't show a flick shot either he is pointing straight and I'm below out of view and I die . My guestion is is this guy cheating or am I missing frames . What is going on with this game my eyes see one thing the results are another. Is replay trash am I missing frames or can this guy Aim so fast it's not visible to the human eye . This game sucks I'm above average player season 4 now I'm experiencing the most bizarre scenarios ever against less skilled players.

  3. Same in arena I’m in div 8 and I can’t get higher as I get destroy by pc players who have 240 FPS

  4. It’s a bad thing only because the simple solutions is to put bots in the game. It help the players get the content that they need and gets the self esteem higher, the more kills you get the better you think you are and it just helps everyone

  5. I just don’t understand why they have to change it like everyone was happy before some things u just don’t need to mess with

  6. The lobbies should be platform based from the start, competitive gaming should limited to the platform your playing on… isn’t it obvious??

  7. I’d say 1/5 of the matches I play on xbox are mostly xbox players. And the other 4/5 of the matches I play are strictly competitive PC players that tend to have a major gap in skill, compared to the rest of the console fortnite community, if they fixed this fortnite would come back to life indefinitely.

  8. Just had a match where I was against 2 other players and of course there's some pos pc try hard that can instantly build a brick house repeatedly like a GD macro.

  9. I'm on mobile and I keep getting matched up with console players.

  10. he states all this with console gameplay in the background where he goes on a crazy aim assist flintknock killing spree

  11. Skill based matchmaking was vaulted at the beginning of season 2 chapter 2 but then theirs the console players that plug a keyboards mouse into their console and sweat on people that can’t compete they should do something about it

  12. Dude not even nice at the game all I see is ,is him killing bots prolly ps4 players that’s why he ain’t complaining

  13. This is complete bullshit. A mediocre player on PC has a massive advantage over a great console player.

  14. I recently deleted APEX in a rage and gave Fortnite a try. I fell in love immediately. The crispness to the "first person shooter" attributes of the game simply crush APEX… IMO. Love affair over quickly: Now, every game I play is the same where I run into a PC builder who just dismantles me with building. And others have mentioned this, editing. I might get a few kills of players who I can sense are console players (or perhaps another non-pc platform) along the way, but the brick wall is coming. I disabled x-platform matchmaking on my xbox and it literally breaks the game.
    What really bugs me is my young son is getting into 1st person shooters now and he just loves this game, but it makes me sad to think he's going to hit this brick wall too.

  15. this season of fortnite has become so unfair its not even worth caring how good or bad i do, i dont even attempt to give even 30% effort cause winning is bad and losing is bad. its all pointless. cross platform with pc is bullshit so is going between lobbys where its only bots or lobbys where its only tfue.

    if i do good my reward is tfue as every player in every game if i do bad my reward is retarded seals to club as enemies.

    dying and losing is the new winning and meta 😐 fortnites fuckin broken and i hate it. till they reverse all this crap i cant take the game even kinda seriously

  16. i completely agree, i only want to fight people on the same platform as me unless I'm in a mixed party. I don't know why everyone is complaining about fighting PC, because I find it nearly impossible to beat console players in any mode. I know it is because of aim assist which is fine just don't MAKE US HAVE TO FIGHT OTHER PLATFORMS ITS HORRIBLE EITHER WAY

  17. I came from work turned off cross platform forgot I ready up for a match,came back TWO AND A HALF hours later and it was still searching for a match!!!NO BULLSHIT.

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