Fortnite LAZA V7 – Cronusmax PERFECT AIM, Best Fortnite Script – AIMBOT Script (Cronusmax)

How to buy it:

For cronusmax:

For titan one:

For titan two:

Hi, I´ll be showcasing the BEST SCRIPT for fortnite (Cronusmax, Titan)

This aim abuse is like the old one, Its like MagnetAimbot very sticky. This is not “Aimbot” but it sure is close as you can get on console. Aim abuse will help you keep your aim on target and aim assist will follow that target. Weekly updates. I have…


  1. I sent a friend request on discord I have some questions I hope u can answer about using your script

  2. Only playing 50 v 50 that’s where all the shit players are try playing normal solos

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