FORTNITE MOBILE – Andoirs / IOS Gameplay – Nintendo Switch Gameplay No Hack Cheat

“TOP 5 NEW UPDATES” In Fortnite | FORTNITE Mobile 11 Kill RECORD Gameplay! Fortnite Battle Royale New high score Squads 11 Kill Gameplay with EPIC Ending!

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  1. I had to rewatch the video cuz I paid too much attention to the gameplay in the background

  2. I think people who use controller support on mobile should play in a different lobby other wise it will be unfair for people who dont have controllers

  3. I haven't watched your content in like… Idk, a year or something. You used to play lots of .io games…. I really want to see that kinda stuff again. (I tried to make it sound like i'm not some hater that hates on new games, I just don't like Fortnite) :c

  4. Im getting use to the fortnite controls, My Name on Fortnite is Zeovee

  5. Hey masterov could u please give me vbucks if there is a way to I want vbucks because all my friends have it and I really want some better skins I don’t want the plain old skin my username is YusanTV

  6. Where the aim button is whilst building press that button and you can edit

  7. omg MasterOv, i haven't watched your videos in several months (4-5) because your videos don't showup in my sub box. Got to start keeping up with your videos.

  8. How is 11 kills the record when I had 12💀😂 YouTubers be lying they ass off💀

  9. For editing walls and stuff you tap on the wall or whatever your trying to edit and look at it then press the grid kind of thing it took me a while to figure it out

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