Fortnite MOUNTED GUN Truck LEAK! NEW Marvel Bundle Nexus PORTAL, New Years Event Leak, FREE REWARDS!

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Credit: (Artist for Turrent)


  1. Funny, Captain Marvel as a skin with not actual character is more likeable that the actual Captain Marvel

  2. His intro is from a song tropic love so it says " I will never want to leave Im in a tropic love"

  3. Anyone having a problem with fortnite on switch mine turns a white the I have to restart my switch please tell me it’s not just me

  4. Please reply!!!! I need help. Fortnite released the new shockwave ltm and me and my friend played it for a couple of hours and all of our gold was reset. We had 10k and don’t know how to get that all back…

  5. Dude I think the Turrent car should be for creative because epic Hasn't added any vehicle At all so yeah

  6. I’m fluent in Spanish

    Soy fluida en ingle’s

    It means “I’m fluent in English”

    Fluent means good at languages and you can you’d them easily

  7. No offense but 10 min videos five ads each? What happened to you man

  8. Happy help our South Africans that we can get South Africa servers… because we play on 150 to 200 ping

  9. I Love Your Content , Check My Montage Out Please 🎸❤
    (Chapter 2 Player btw & im trying to grow♥)

    Wish Everybody All The Best🍀.

  10. I would never want to leave I’m on a tropical right happy reply to me ok

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