Fortnite Nintendo Switch Gameplay (Season 5)

Fortnite Nintendo Switch Gameplay (Season 5)
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  1. Can we play? I play fortnite on switch since my pc cant run it: Lilstomper23 is my epic

  2. I can’t even play this game anymore my frames are so bad and my switch kept restarting its so annoying I hate the developers

  3. Man I wonder if you use kontroll freeks cause If you did it would just be hacking

  4. Sup Man the new update destroyed Nintendo switch. Whenever I load into a game my screen randomly just get white. Than whenever I finish a match and when I’m on the loading screen it says successfully logged out. 🙁

  5. I also play on switch, I'm on pro controller and your on joy con. I wish I was as good as you.

  6. Yo atomy I figured out that while you’re burrowing you can cancel the jumping out animation.When u jump out you can press the L/R button to switch weapons and jump just a few frames after and it’ll give you an advantage on other people cause u can pop out just like that

  7. You killed me! As I was editing my recent Vid. I saw that atomyc YouTube killed me. I decided to look up your channel. And I saw that you were a famous YouTuber. Great job on the win and also you earned a sub from me.

  8. Hi atomyc, how are you able to record the audio with the capture card?

  9. I’m sorry my boy but you’ve been hit by Nintendo controller drift

  10. Hello I have improved from 3 wins a year ago to 650 wins now because of you, thank you so much for the help!

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