Fortnite Nintendo Switch Vs Mobile Differences?

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Video uploaded & owned by EricMz. (PG, Family…


  1. What’s up EricMz I’m also a switch player and you are hands down my favorite Fortnite YouTuber

  2. Ur magic airpod case says to sub with post noti. Thats my opinion and i actually new here so i subbed

  3. It confusing that mobile get more fps than switch every device get 30-60 but one can get 120 some of the mobile device bad mobile device get 20

  4. Just my opinion I would take an iPad over a switch anytime

    Also idk if it’s just me but I get surround sound on mobile and it’s lagging because ur 3D resolutions 100 set it to 70 or 60 and I think your playing with shadows on so turn that off 🙂

  5. 6:35 your wrong because I play in the s10 and on Xbox and I have that setting on and I can still hear footstep on my left and right it is not mono audio maybe something is wrong with your headphones or u have that setting on on your ipad

  6. Your room looks so good and I think if you get used to the 30fps then it goes clearly at least from my point of view

  7. what is up with your nintendo switch graphics cuz my graphics is better idk y maybe cuz i use the 1st version the non upgraded battery

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