Fortnite – PS4 & Xbox One Cheat Sheet Settings

The days of playing Fortnite at a disadvantage because of the limitations of your controller are close to over. PS4 and Xbox One players are getting better than ever before, and this video will shed light on how you can too.

In this video I highlight key settings to help you improve your game.
To start this series, we are going to cover 5 key elements to playing on a controller in Fortnite. Everything from landing your shots to building and editing, with more in between. Enjoy.

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  1. Hey I juss wanted to thank you for the tips you are juss about the only YouTuber who has actually gave players what they need to understand about settings I personally have been changing my sensitivity for months looking foot the right one and thx to your video I got a 7 kill win immediately after watching you video

  2. bro your very good any tips to have good aim and get high kill games

  3. Good vid man. This should put all the other "personal settings" vids out of business. You explained well and make players understand its about what you as a player, whether experienced or new, personally prefer. It's not about what ninja or any pro is using. Keep on postin bro!

  4. You deserve so much more than what you currently have I've tried your tips and I'm way better at playing than I used to be

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