Fortnite RAINBOW RENTALS & 8 BALL VS SCRATCH CHALLENGES GUIDE + No Swimming Signs in Battle Royale

Fortnite Rainbow Rentals & 8 ball vs scratch challenges guide (Overtime challenges)! Featuring no swimming signs, the beach bus, and more in battle royale to help you unlock the gold style for this skin for free! This also includes the locations for the hidden gnome, lake canoe, mountain base camps, and more! Specifically we cover challenge clues like “Dance at Rainbow Rentals, beach bus, and lake canoe” and “Swim at different no swimming signs.” As for the gameplay it’s some team…


  1. I’m on the last day of season 1 chapter 2 and I just started the 8 ball vrs scratch and cameo vrs chic challenges😬

  2. If I want to keep doing these sorts of videos plz show their location lol I thought that would be self explanatory. But for the Gnome challenge you just showed us the surrounding building and not where it was on the map really didn’t help anything

  3. My brothers a little down do you mine friending him his username is richrichluca2468

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