Fortnite Season X – "You Were Removed from the Match due to your IP, VPN, Machine or Cheating" FIXED

A short tutorial on how to fix the “you were removed from the match due to your IP, VPN, Machine or Cheating” error message for Fortnite.
Leave a comment if you have any questions.

Register Epic Games Account:

Download Fortnite:

First, you will have to uninstall fortnite and the epic games launcher in order to reinstall it on another drive on your PC.
If you only have free space on the current drive…


  1. ich hab auf ein anderen account versucht zu cheaten kam aber blue screen ist aber wieder gefixt aber fortnite kann ich garnicht mehr spielen wenn ich gebannt wurde schade 🙁

  2. Fortnite banned me for no reason i didnt even cheat or something like that. its so unfair. Im buying a new hard drive soon so it'll be okay.

  3. the game works in creative but when i que in game i get same problem and when i check that identies thing show up again Please help me out

  4. this is how to uninsstall fortnite **NOT CLICKBAIT**

  5. what can i do i delted fortnite and reseted it and im still getting kicked help???

  6. So basically I got banned after spending thousands of dollars for no reason at all

  7. bro no matter what i do nothing working ive watch so much video on how to get rid of it and nothing is working

  8. I've never cheated or anything. But suddenly, I was just getting kicked back to the lobby every time I jumped from the bus…

  9. I beg you please help Epic Games doesnt show when I click on softwere

  10. Ich hab heute meinen PC gereseted seit dem geht es nicht mehr

  11. I have this error 2 days ago and fortnite dont do anything… I do all the steps of epic games help center that they say and dont fix… I format two times my pc…. Y do 1 time your fix but i play one party in the New account and banned in the middle… Please im desesperated… I need help… I can pay with skin but helpme

  12. Can you help me with the issue in case i have to pay you for anything i will

  13. ok yeah…Like you expect me to wipe my computer clean because i got a error on fortnite…Your funny

  14. I have a real way if you wany sub my channel and if it did't not work i give you all 100$ gor seson 2 chapter tow i give you my paupal account if any one sub reply me i check that you sub and then dm me it is 100 % true

  15. Doesn't work not even on a new account, so does that mean I'm IP Banned?

  16. i have an BattlEye error since October 2019, and when i jump out of the bus it removes me from the match and says ''you were removed from the match due to battleye error:bad service version'' pls someone help

  17. well i used to get this error,
    and i tried everything to fix it but i failed.
    so i decide to buy a new HDD and yeah, its works!

  18. It's pretty bad if you get this and didn't do anything wrong you still have to fear contacting support. Started to have this problem after I upgraded to Windows 10.

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