Fortnite SHADOW SAFE HOUSES & WEEK 2 CHALLENGES GUIDE! Brutus Briefing in Battle Royale Season 2

Fortnite Shadow Safe houses and week 2 challenges guide! Featuring new Brutus Briefing challenges in Battle Royale season 2. This also features the secret passages and will help you unlock either shadow brutus or chost brutus in chapter 2 season 2. This is a full tutorial for the weekly challenges of the season 2 battle pass this week, and the Deadpool challenges will be coming tomorrow. As for the gameplay it’s some solo so enjoy!

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  1. Leave a LIKE if this helped! What level are you at?

    UPDATE the secret passages may be the porta potties in the vaults or like the one I show in the video. Worth trying 🙂

  2. Why am I just now watching this? Maybe because I haven’t played Fortnite season 2 chapter 2 since it first came out lol

  3. For the people looking for the 5 SHADOW Safe Houses

    1. Between Holly Hedges and Sweaty Sands

    2. In the Middle of Pleasant Park

    3. To the Right of Craggy Cliffs

    4. Above Misty Meadows, the island in the middle of the water

    5. The Gas Station to the Right of Frenzy Farm

  4. I really love doing challenges in Fortnite. I never miss one challenge. Always completing challenges.

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