Fortnite V COIN Location – SECRET Hidden Fortnite GOLD LLAMA COIN in Chapter 2 (Does it gives XP?)!

Fortnite V COIN Location – SECRET Hidden Fortnite GOLD LLAMA COIN in Chapter 2 Season 2 (Does it gives XP?)!. It does not give any XP and you can transfer the new fortnite v coin or fortnite llama coin to other players. I think it is for the upcoming fortnite challenges in chapter 2. Share your thought below about this new hidden gold coin.

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  1. i think this coin can be used for the secret gate taht cannot be broken or opened because there is a cirlce.

  2. Always wondered were this coin was as killed numerous people with it … just won a squads match with the coin 10 kills expecting to get somet very disappointed

  3. I just got a win in solos with the gold llama coin in my inventory and only received 15,000 extra XP

  4. people are saying if you win a game with it you can get 200+vbucks

  5. I just killed someone with this and won with it, I thought I was gunna get something but nope. Looks like its going to be used for an item in the game most likely

  6. Has anyone gotten a win while holding the coin? I bet it gives tou something if you win and have it in your inventory.

  7. more likely vending machines is going to be the use for it because in creative mode you can make a vending machine use gold coins as currency and you get the gold coins in creative mode

  8. Thats so cool bro, I wonder if its gonna be a challenge to choose shadow or ghost for Tntina skin, since this season is based on gold theme and Tntina is the upcoming skin in the battle pass after Brutus skin!

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