Fortnite Weird Moving Bug PS4

Getting this strange behaviour in Fortnite PS4 randomly. The character just starts moving left by itself I’m not touching the left stick. The only thing that stops it is moving the left stick again. No one else i have spoken to has this problem. Please help happens on both my controllers.



  1. I play keyboard and mouse and I constantly move to the right

  2. This shit happens to me daily lmao i was playing fortnite a whole day and i couldnt run lmao

  3. It’s not Fortnite it’s the controller analog stick try blowing hard all around the left analog stick and it should help

  4. It’s happening to me to constantly and when I’m trying to snipe from a base I sometimes fall out because of it and it’s really annoying so if can fix it can you show me or tell me how to do it.

  5. This is happening to me as well , I unplug my mic & it stops happening , also I can’t open chest or ammo boxes

  6. This is possibly an issue that came with an update, because I didn't have this problem before, but I do now with one of my controller. But with my other that doesn't happen so it's pretty strange.

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