Fortnite XP GLITCH TUTORIAL! FAST XP and LEVELS With This Trick/Farm! (Battle Royale Battle Pass)

Fortnite XP Glitch tutorial! Fast XP and levels with this trick! This glitch allows you to get a lot of XP in one of the fastets ways possible in battle royale and helps you unlock the higher level skins in the season 2 battle pass. XP has been a little tougher to get this season, but I show you how to farm for xp at the Rig and also the Grotto locations to get closer to level 300. I also give you gameplay examples so enjoy!

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  1. Leave a like if you enjoyed! Definitely worth doing all of this together if you want to farm xp while you're supercharged! If you know a faster way comment down below 😀

  2. Hi I’d like them subscribe turn on all notifications so I’ve never miss another video I watch your videos and home of games sometimes but I want you almost all the time and I really need Vbox cause I’m at zero can I please have at least 1000 Vbox please

  3. I just recognize when henchman have the question mark if you look closely it gets more red and the red tells you how much health it has in tell it gets knock

  4. Guys idk why but when i leveled up to 100 im stuck and i cant level up anymore. I tried doing quests but the exp doesnt add up…

  5. you forgot to mention the fact that this glitch is completely pointless and not worth it at all and infact if ou were someone with no SUPERCHARGED xp like most of us arent. you would know to tell your fans team rumble is the better grind

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