Free PUBG Packs for Xbox Game Pass! (Fall 2020 Deal)

PUBG – Flower Child Pack:

PUBG – October Horror Pack


  1. so i got game pass ultimate earlier this morning and it says i claimed the october horror and flower child packs but i dont see them in game? any help

  2. Thanks you amazing I did not know that I still play pubg on xbox one and ima buy the game pass cuz I have pubg on dvd

  3. Figured out you need Game Pass Ultimate, regular Game Pass won’t unlock the packs for free. Thanks brother! Much appreciated as I’m an avid PUBG console player who subs to PUBG tweets and still had no clue lol.

  4. Whats good bro…i would like to throw it down with you…if you hot room for one more…xbox1X: QuiltedBun

  5. So some peeps on xbox must have contacted pubg or they are trying to prevent getting called out for giving ps4 drop packs but not yall . we are on our 3rd drop box , i got 3 lvl5 tickets since first 1 too.

  6. As an FYI & correction – PUBG did post this on the PUBG US twitter page! Still happy to be spreading the info for any one that missed it (like myself).

    Also, it was brought to my attention that you may need "game pass ultimate" in order to redeem these packs.

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