Free safe cheat for Apex Legends Season 3 | Download link in description!

This is first ever fully free and open source cheat for Apex Legends Season 3. It offers engine based glow that makes you see through walls (WallHack) and lock crosshair to enemy head (AimLock).
It is very resource efficient and it is extremely easy to use. It uses kernel mode driver which makes it super hard for any anticheat systems to detect it.
It’s completly without virus risk becouse we leave our sources open so you can check them.

Discord link for additional support:…


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  13. wut? how tf do I get the download file cause I click on the link and there is just a jpg lol

  14. well this hack works but after some time am not able to login in this app again unknown error in register and also in login

  15. Everyone the cheat is currently offline. In sure it will come back up as soon as the update will be available. The cheat is working no problem but you need to install drivers (kdmapper). If anyone needs help I'll just send a link for a video! Stay tuned!

    Words for cheat devs.
    Please stay free and open! You did great work and i hope that the next update will come soon!

  16. Is the ban like in cs go (the acc will banned and not your pc) or like in Fortnite ( your pc will be banned)?

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