FULL AUTO SLR – Undercover pretending to be a hacker! – PUBG

In the name of science I am testing if playing under a suspiciously looking name while using weapons in an exotic way can get you banned from PUBG. Test is still on-going!

Whitesand – Poseidon


  1. Any ideas to what other exotic ways to play could be?

    So far the result of the experiment is that the account is not yet suspended, which indicates that the system won't ban a player for playing in a strange way while under a strange name.
    So far – the system is working!

  2. Great idea! The anti-cheat system is lacking heavily in accuracy and consitency, as i often get killed by hackers and get multiple ban reports a day. They need to fix this issue.

  3. I must be ultimate trash with the SLR cause I can't kill anyone with it. Every time I feel like I'm shooting at bullet sponges but give me an SKS and I'll dam near win the game every time.

  4. This guy is using aimbots… You tuber can't see it because this kind of hacks can only be seen with his emulator… Becareful guys he's very good at lying

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