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Ever wondered why there are cheaters in online games like PUBG? That’s because it is easy! They just use the memory editing scripts to edit their game client’s run-time memory, and can thus take advantage in the game against their opponents.

Unlimited health? Unlimited ammo? No problem, easy.

DISCLAIMER : This video isn’t made to…


  1. To all those people saying that the values of online games are saved on server, yes it’s true. But the values should also be available with the game client so that it can render information (like rendering an enemy nearby, footstep sounds, moving vehicles, etc). Using memory scanners we can retrieve these values and do various stuff that can be used to take advantage in the game.

  2. WOW ! Interesting Video, So much love your video , super cool. Keep it Up ! ALL THE BEST ! Waiting for next video…

  3. There's more to hacking than just messing with memory, THE BIGGEST PART OF HACKING IS BYPASSING ANTI CHEAT. It takes alot of skills to stay undetected and avoid ban.

  4. For some reason when I click next scan nothing shows up. I have the correct process selected.

  5. Bro u have made me so happy my telling this all cool things👍🏻👍🏻♥️♥️🤘
    Thanx bro🎊✔👍🏻

  6. Hey just need some help what if a game has more than one type of currency how do I know which one is which???
    Plz reply thnx. Love ur vids

    If u do a tutorial for hacking apex legends that would be helpful

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