Get 15x SCOPE with this GLITCH [PUBG Mobile]

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    it was found by an anonymous Chinese player
    And my method is different to his anyways, how could I copy it but do it with a different method? USE YOUR BRAINS
    I also sent a picture of this glitch in my discord server BEFORE HIS VIDEO CAME OUT

  2. abbe chutiya samjha hai kyaa …. edit karle dalta hai … to all the viewers 0.48 minutes pe dekho 8x acope jab khula tab side me thoda sa hi sapece dikhta hai … and 0.51 minutes pe dekho. .. 3x itna bara hai kya ki pura screen cover kar lia …jiske waje se zoom jaisa lagta hai …. 8x tak pura screen nahi khata toh 3x kahase kha lia…isne jab 8x khula tab left side and right side space tha … jab 3x ko 15x bolke jab dikhaya na tab space hi nahi tha left and right side pe …chutiya samjha hai kya

  3. Pls make a hand can on how you control your recoil 🙂

  4. Bro you always say to give you credit of your video. But now you copied a Indian YouTuber name (glitchy Sam) and not giving him his credit.

  5. Your video too shot… explaining super in short time…hope you get more from india 🤗🧡

  6. Bro is this the easiest method coz we can't find always 8* and bolt snipe

  7. Does it still work if we throw the 8x? Does the 3x stay that way after throwing it away?

  8. What divice do you use? The fluidity when you shot is awsome

  9. I can also say He did not copy glitchy Sam. I looked in the discord and he posted a picture of the glitch on the 31st way before glitchy sam‘s video. Check your facts people

  10. Bro i feel your pain becuz ur just a small youtuber anyone can say your stealing someone's glitch/bug but i respect you brother i know it's your own glitch and didn't steal anyone's glitch 😍✌

  11. Bro i respected you a lot before this video but when you ask credits for your bug then you should also give credit to others, you should give credits to glitchy sam there is no difference in both the method just the same thing the only thing is in this you don't have to drop the sniper

  12. fk u give credit to glithy Sam he found this glitch so he need support don't take anyone credit:'(

  13. U took from someone else saw it 3 days back in another channel

  14. After a thousand views delete or private the video for the safety of the bug lol

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