Get BETTER at AIMING! | PUBG Mobile Tips + Aiming Tutorial

In this video we focus on how to counter recoil and improve your aim in PUBG Mobile – however this can also apply to all mobile shooting games including Rules of Survival! We use the training mode in PUBG Mobile in order to give tips and tricks on aiming properly! I hope you enjoy.


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  1. Yes finally an english video !!!!!!! English title and enlgish talking

  2. The proper nomenclature for what you're calling a clip, is "magazine." A clip is a strip of metal bent into a channel for the express purpose of holding rounds securely in line. It is used to load "magazines" more quickly, when combined with a speed loader. But, there are no clips in this game. Most people outside of the military have never seen a clip. Just FYI

  3. I have a question.. For example, in Call of duty, you could set your gun to shoot automatically as soon as you lock on a target.
    Can this same setting be possible in pubG????

  4. i fell asleep listening to your voice. sound more exciting please. good content though

  5. I used to press the shoot button and it would automatically aim into the iron sights or scope on pubg mobile I stop playing for awhile I come back and all my settings changed like seriously what the fuck. I try fixing it and changing it back and now I canโ€™t press the shoot button that has me zoom in and then shoot after pressing the shoot button

  6. Hey Bro, I have a real quick question, I am thinking of turning of Aim Assist, would it significantly improve or decrease my aiming? Nicely made video by the way, I like how u really covered the complications of aiming.

  7. When I saw you use 8x scope on m416 I thought I went mad.
    Then I saw when this video was uploaded. ๐Ÿคฃ

  8. I feel you bro..when i was trying to train my aiming peacefully..there must be someone throwing grenade on me.duh

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