Get These 38 FREE Rewards Before Season 3 in Fortnite!

Get these 38 free rewards before Season 3 in Fortnite! These free challenges can only be done in Battle Royale season 2 Chapter 2 and unlock free vbucks, free skins, pickaxes and more! A lot of these don’t even need the battle pass. Also the unlock a lot of XP to help you level up fast! Some specific challenges we cover are the Storm the agency challenges, deadpool stuff, and more. And of course with a lot of gameplay examples so enjoy!

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  2. Thank you for being informative and not constantly advertising or trying to drag out the video.

  3. Did you know if you click minus top right on the deadpool challenges on the computer, then click the deadpool icon it will enter a minigame on the computer? Like if you didn’t know this before 😉

  4. The person he passed while swimming over the hatches was me!!! HAHAHAHA!!! Super happy to be a part of the video!!!

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