GFX tool for PUBG | How to use gfx tool for pubg

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Hey guys, its been a long time since we uploaded any video, it was 10th boards and thats why we coudln’t but now we r back.

GFX tool increases FPS, gaming experience,graphics and much more, this means that you can run PUBG in a 1gb Ram mobile too.

Comment down any issues ur encountering.

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  1. Bhai tera to mobail hi esa hai aur esa chal rha hai wo tuh bhutt bdii baat hain

  2. Speak english please … i don't know why you're writing in english and speak indian

  3. A great alternative is GLtools all it needs is a Root but otherwise it makes games lag free including PUBG is free and also is an easy install!

    Essentially you can pretty much tinker with any apps settings
    This will add things such as

    •Gaussian Blur
    •Color Correction
    •Screen Res
    •Texture Res
    •Amount of lag
    (you can even add fake lag)
    •Motion Blur
    •Depth Of Field (DOF)
    •Smooth Shadows
    •Smooth Smoke Edges
    •Texture Optimisations
    •Smoothen Jagged Edges
    •Image Quality
    •Frames Per Second (FPS)
    and plenty more I can't put as well it can literally take HOURS

  4. Please dude mention in the title that you won't speak english in the video because it makes everyone who don't speak your langage very dissapointed even though it could be really helpful. Thanks

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