GOD mode GLITCH in Creative BHE 1v1 Map (Fortnite Battle Royale)

Enter GOD MODE in this 1v1 map using this creative glitch. BHE 1v1 map is one of the community maps which is often found in creative fills. Use this glitch to fly around the map and mess with your friends.



  1. Use code JETS to get a pinned comment like this

  2. I don't do that way but for those people who doesn't know how to do it works

  3. Nice vid but u can just jump down u don’t have to grapple also there’s a rift there to. Get back so u don’t need to respawn

  4. you really paid for bots on this video, pathetic and disgusting. this does NOT give you god mode it just lets you fly and people can still kill you, but if you kill someone you lose the powers for the game.

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