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Heavily requested PUBG Mobile video topic from YOU GUYS – we go through my Settings, Device, Resolution, UI, Customizations, Driving Controls, and heck… even my…


  1. Next video- God like wheelies- has training wheels and tassels falls and bails at every attempt- gets a 2 peddle wheelie in and boom *Godlike

  2. The fact that you stated iPhone 10 is the most powerful phone out on the market performance wise made me stop watching a video because that was a very wrong statement* Technology wise* and very generic..like Yahoo comments type of generic lol..I mean I let the first clip crappy aim skills slide expecting to be amazed later on but that Godlike thing..lol..no hate brother..I'm just being honest..kinda hard for me to follow after street smart people lol

  3. NOTE 9 Sammy Sung Samsung 🥋 Daniel Son Is A Beast💪🦍🥊
    All Settingz 🥇🔝

  4. ok but it takes quick action to use the thumb to both aim and shoot. I use a similar method, like I also use the right hand to do both but I shoot with my thumb and look around/aim with my second finger. it looks awkward if you were to actually watch me play but it's smooth controls for me. I also have my "eye" button along the same X axis to where I place my finger, but closer to the wall of my device so I can look around that way. (hope that makes sense, just imagine doing a window wiper motion with your second finger whilst holding your phone) my controls are pretty much the same as default, I just moved them so they were in range with where my hands can comfortably reach whilst holding my device (which is an iPad so you can imagine how big and spread out the controls were) the only difference is that I disabled the left fire button as I had a habit of pressing it when I was using the joystick. I also added a fat auto-run in the top right because sometimes my screen just doesn't work and I'll stop running in the worst of times.

  5. For the driving mode, there are two more options you should have gone through.

  6. Yeah aim assist never seems like it works I can be 3 feet away with a vector and I have to do everything

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