Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA 5) USING PS4 GTA 5 CHEATS! – jccaloy

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This is my gameplay/play-through of Grand theft Auto 5 main story Part 31

Using ps4 gta 5 ps4 Cheats

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  1. Dami namin cheat dyan sa xbox 360 HAHAHAHAHAHAA gusto ko na ulit mag laro nan miss kona man trip pahabol sa police pero nasa train… SKL

  2. If Franklin or any of the 3 single player character press and hold l1 it will bring up your weapon menu and holding l1 will slow time enough for you to reactivate invincibility useful during gun fight and the timer runs out you can also activate the invincibility wile mid air when you activate the super man cheat so your character won't die on foll:)

  3. Kuya jccaloy try nyo po ng director mode mas hindi kapa mahihirapan kuya JC, pagkatapos punta kayu po sa setting doon yun tapos na

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