Grand Theft Auto V | Cheat Codes Xbox 360 & PS3

New Cheat Codes For GTA 5
Hi guys today i show you some cheat codes on GTA V There are a lot of codes here and if you are on PS3 you can go to the webstie and check the codes out. if you use these cheats you will not be able to unlock Achievements or Trophies Anyway if you did enjoy this video be sure to Like,Favorite,Subscribe For more !


Xbox 360:


  1. how old am i (pedo) u dont need to ask that and u said u found them and u clearly didnt

  2. Yeah, but sometimes its better cause when you try to use the phone you have to stop your attack and you end up getting shot at

  3. Hey so do we have to put the cheat codes in every time we want to use them or are they always on the phone like GTA 4? please respond!!

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