Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5) – Collectors Edition Unboxing – (Xbox360/Playstation3)

This is a unboxing video of the newly released Grand Theft Auto 5 , and i got hands on the collectors edition of the game ! I hope you guys enjoy it because i will do more unboxing videos in the future now that i have a very good camera to record with !

Music in the video is used with permission :

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  1. yes i think i would know that when the title is collectors edition unboxing where are you going with this?

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  3. its not.. you said you made your money back.. reason is because people thought that the collectors edition would have better stuff. Making you get more views, and you even said that the collectors edition was worth the money?

  4. cause its titled "collectors edition unboxing" people were expecting to see some cool shit not hats and pencil cases?

  5. considering thousands of these sold… and you pick this guy to comment on haha. you sir are not a genius

  6. So here's the deal:
    I understand your opinion, but where I live (switzerland), the game alone is 80 dollars or more, so hella expensive.
    New Era hats, standard NY new era hats, cost about 50-80 dollars. So yeah, if you're a collector it's a pretty good deal, in my opinion.

  7. Wait… Why the hell I am even watching this video. I clicked the video without even reading the title.

  8. thats the worst collectros edition i have seen. only a key , a hat and a bag : |

  9. Collector's edition is only to collect! It's just for having a collector edition, not for the stuff in it!

  10. Wow fuck u paying 150 dollars for game map hat and bag latly but not least a fucking box!!!

  11. so you paid 150 bucks for:
    Gta 5
    A hat
    A pencil case
    A key
    You paid 90 dollars for the hat, the key and the weird pencil case thing. Wow. You sir are a genius

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