Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) – How to Get Money

There is a money glitch that will earn you $25,000 every 20 seconds. That’s a million dollars in a little over 13 minutes. There is a hidden briefcase in the ocean, on the west side of Los Santos. It’s on a sunken submarine. Go dive for it, pick it up and stay at the exact same spot. Don’t use Franklin for this, as he cannot hold his breath for long. Trevor is the best choice.
After getting the briefcase you switch the character and immediately switch back to Trevor. The briefcase will…


  1. i know the glitch and it worked for ps3 (version 1.0) but dont work at ps4 (version 1.0) , damm they patched it for ps4

  2. I invested in vapid and the stocks plummeted after the 4th assassination, does anyone understand why, and I keep sleeping hoping it goes up, but it isn't working.

  3. I suppose it's too late to make those investments and replay the assassination missions once you've completed the game… Is the best thing to create a new game and do it in that saving?

  4. you complete game corse 18 million dollar so not interest 😀

  5. I think R* already PATCH dat glitch nd dey ppl already gettin banned for glitchin online smh grow tf up

  6. – Delete the Game Files in the XMB
    – insert the Game and let it reinstall
    – happy Glitching

  7. You can of course replay every mission but the things you do in there dont count towards your existing save game. (the game creates a save before you replay one mission)

  8. iI meant if i have completed them already. i have about 90% finished. So the question is if it is still possible to replay the assassination missions without losing the safe game?

  9. Yes, if you haven't done them already (like me… -_-). You will get 1 billion or more out of the stock market then.

  10. Is it possible to do the assassination missions after i completed the storyline?

  11. I didn't even take the $25.000 yet and it's not there, neither does it spawn, do you have to do a certain mission or something?

  12. It would be much easier if you have all your three charechters one on submarine 25000 one on crashed plane 12000 and one on wrecked ship 9000

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